Running for The Little Mountain School

GEO President Reina Slaymaker will be running her first half-marathon in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 20 November 2021. Her goal is to raise funds to support The Little Mountain School. The Covid-19 pandemic hit us hard, presenting lots of challenges, including financial strain. Reina hopes to raise $200 per mile for each of the 13.1 miles she will be running. If 200 people will donate just $13.10 each, Reina will meet her goal.

Reina taught English at The Little Mountain School for two years, and cares deeply about the welfare of our students. As we gear up for our fifth year of providing education and nutrition to the children of rural Joya Honda, Guatemala, we anticipate an enrollment of about 120 students. The total cost of educating and feeding one child for one year is only about $1,000, so every dollar donated makes a tremendous difference. No donation is too small! Thank you so much for your support!

Link to donate: Educational OutreachEscuela La Montañita // The Little Mountain School