GEO Team at The Little Mountain School

Guatemalan Educational Outreach (GEO) is a non-profit, non-government affiliated 501 (c)(3) organization made up of volunteers dedicated to improving the lack of education in the impoverished area of rural Joya Honda, Guatemala. Founded in Lexington, KY by a Catholic Priest from Joya Honda and a local volunteer, GEO provides an accessible and exceptional English-immersion education to elementary children at The Little Mountain School, tuition-free.

  • Students in Line at The Little Mountain School

In addition to a quality basic education in their native Spanish language, our students are immersed in English-language learning that includes environmental awareness, cultural engagement, health, hygiene, and food preparation.

Our aim is to break the cycle of systemic poverty in this community. A bilingual education is a resource for our students to obtain employment opportunities and earn livable wages in the future. English-speaking Guatemalans can more easily access careers in fields such as Education, Tourism, Business, Government, International Diplomacy, and more.