Coffee and Tours

Coffee and tours? What? Why would an organization named “Guatemalan Educational Outreach” have a page titled “Coffee and Tours”? The reason is that funding for The Little Mountain School needs to be sustainable and not entirely dependent on donations. Hence, Father Miguel helped start two enterprises, the “profits” of which are poured into the school. These two enterprises are a coffee plantation and a Guatemalan tour business, both of which are a “win-win” for The Little Mountain School and its local community of Joya Honda, Guatemala.

Little Mountain Coffee

Growing coffee to support The Little Mountain School makes perfect sense. The region around Joya Honda offers superb coffee growing conditions with rich, volcanic soil, a high altitude, and a long growing season. Rather than selling out to large coffee conglomerates, local coffee growers — members of The Little Mountain School’s own community — can keep their farms and make a living. Any profit over and above the costs of growing and processing the coffee is then poured into The Little Mountain School. That’s a win for the local economy, and that’s a win for the school.

You can find Little Mountain Coffee on sale at churches in the Lexington, KY, area, particularly at Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary. Or you can buy Little Mountain Coffee directly online and have it shipped right to your home.

Little Mountain Tours

The second enterprise supporting The Little Mountain School focuses on Guatemalan tourism. The tour company arranges packaged tours that shine a spotlight on the school and the surrounding region, including Guatemala City, an active volcano, Mayan ruins, and more. Here, too, the business benefits both the local economy and The Little Mountain School — a win-win.

For more information, visit GEO Coffee and Tours.